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READ! Respected Template

Post by DrTerminator on Sun May 17, 2015 1:00 pm

Hello You Are Replying For Respected (DUH) Please use this template or the application will be deleted/ignored.
Items with a * symbol are mandatory questions, and must be answered.
Name at time of post:

*Steam ID (Please attempt to find it, if you can't place your Steam profile URL):

*Have you been banned/Kicked before?:

If answer on last question was "yes" give reason:

What are your good qualities?:

What are your bad qualities?:

*Why do you want to be a Respected Rank Player?(Please have this answer more than one line long):

Have you posted an application before?:

If Your Application Was Denied, Please Give the Reason and Link to Application:

*References (5 or more References, Respected or Above only.):


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